Marketing NFTs: How to Build a Powerful NFT Project + Whitepaper Template

Jacob Cass
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NFTs are here to stay.

And the opportunities available for creatives are endless.

Hell, even The Vatican are getting into NFTs! 

And Instagram & Adobe have already integrated them into their products. 

We want you to have a part of the action!

That's why last month we introduced you to Web3 and NFTS (catch the replay here) and then we did a paid workshop on How to Make & Sell NFTs.

Due to popular demand, we are back with another NFT workshop.

This time on Marketing NFTs - a vastly overlooked area in the NFT arena. 

*You don't need to have attended the other workshops to do this one.*

In this unique NFT marketing workshop, we will show you what it takes you to build a sustainable NFT project through the power of storytelling & 'Whitepapers'.

We will start with the basics, the vast opportunities available for creatives, then dive into storytelling and why Whitepapers are so important for NFT projects.

Then we will share exactly how to do this for your own projects - with a worksheet for you to complete - for an active learning experience! 

You will come out understanding the opportunities available to you and the framework to follow for creating a sustainable NFT project!

Here's an overview: 

  • What is NFT?
  • The opportunities for creatives
  • What is a white paper?
  • How to build a story for your projects
  • Storyteller tactics
  • How to build a vision
  • How to build a mission
  • How to write a roadmap
  • Worksheet
  • Q&A

I want this!

2 Hour NFT Marketing Workshop

NFT Marketing Slide Deck
NFT Whitepaper Template

Marketing NFTs: How to Build a Powerful NFT Project + Whitepaper Template

0 ratings
I want this!